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EWIT helps you build amazing software by  developing an in-depth understanding of business processes and to strategically  deliver reliable results. 

Functional Testing

Test Automation

Deployment and Exploratory Testing

We help our clients deliver amazing user experiences with high quality software testing,quality assurance & expert resourcing.

About Us

Excellent Women in Testing (EWIT) is a software company with its main focus on testing and quality assurance, providing tailored solutions to companies that build software products and solutions in-house. EWIT finds innovating ways to offer a variety of products for testing and QA to our clients.  

Our current range of products are as follows:

  1. Everything Functional (EF): Comprehensive quality assurance and testing applying functional testing techniques to ensure quality control during software development from inception to completion of projects. We get involved in all phases of the software lifecycle.
  2. Efficiency Initiator (EI): Custom solution to implement test automation for complex software to address time delays associated with manual regression testing. 
  3. Deployment Rescue (DR): offering to design and implement testing at after software has been built to ensure quality before deployment of software to productions.   
  4. Testers always available shortly (Taas): Digital marketplace platform to access talent for pre-screened and assessed testing and QA contractors and freelancers.

EWIT is software testing partner that ensures its clients’ software applications has outstanding level of quality, therefore building confidence to their customers or users. 

"No software is bug free but with EWIT it's pretty close"


Make progressive and positive impact to software quality and being a

partner of choice to drive quality in software projects.

Our Mission

Build and produce highly effective ambassadors of software quality.

Our Values


Continuous Improvement




With EWIT, You Can Build Better Software.

Software applications can perform wonderful functions but what is the greatness of a system without acceptable and good quality. Systems/Applications that are full of bugs may cause your users to never want to use the system again. Quality is everyone’s responsibility, but your developers can only do so much testing, and often applications get released to users with minimal or no software testing at all.

EWIT’s main focus is providing clients with software testing professionals who are exceptional and excellent at what they do.


We follow a customised approach to offer software testing and quality assurance solutions to our clients with our trained consultants. All our consultants goes through a rigorous training process with our certified and accredited training partners. Our consultants follow our training programme before and after they are contracted to clients.


Testing existing software functionality can be one of the most tedious tasks especially if new requirement are implement often on an application.
Our automation solution is implement so issues can be picked up very quickly on existing functionality when you changes are made.


Mobile testing ensures that all software applications are responsive and usable in modern mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. We perform a wide range of tests on a wide range of devices for maximum coverage. It is no longer possible to ignore mobile testing as more users of software applications access software through mobile devices .


One of our values is being people centric, and keeping good relationships is crucial to us. We believe employees should be most valuable and biggest assets to every company, that’s why it is vital to us to accelerate the tedious hiring process by providing clients with thoroughly filtered candidates using  industry specific experience.

Careers in Testing

January 12, 2020 2:43 pm

From being a test engineer one can move to senior test engineer, test lead to test manager; else can become QA lead, QA Manager. The options available in the testing tools side are enormous. As a Careers in Software Testing, anyone can consider the following job roles:

  • QA Analyst/Trainee Tester(Fresher)
  • QA Analyst/Software Tester (1-3 years’ experience)
  • QA Analyst (3-5 years’ experience)
  • Software Test Engineer(3-5 years’ experience)
  • QA Team Coordinator(5-6 years’ experience)
  • Test Manager(8-11 years’ experience)
  • Senior Test Manager(14+ experience)

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